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Cancer, Childhood cancer, Bereavement, Humor, Family support, Neuroblastoma, Chemotherapy

I'll Shave My Head Too
A Father's Stories Through the Happy Hell of Childhood Cancer
by Steve Dolling and Spencer Dolling

Spencer was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma at the age of six.

Tracey and Steve did what most parents try to do: provide a fun and stimulating environment for their kids to grow in and reach their full potential. Foster did what brothers do: he offered up his bone marrow and rode shotgun in the all-terrain electric assault vehicle. Scupper did what sinister Portuguese Water Dogs do: he tried to eat the house one piece of furniture at a time and displace the “owner” from his spot in the bed. And Spencer? Spencer played soccer, sailed boats, built windmills, skipped a lot of school and developed a serious teenage drug habit.

Along the way, Steve wrote this deeply personal, hilarious, and utterly moving collection of stories. They spilled out of his brain and onto the keyboard as there is not enough room for happy optimism and utter terror to coexist. I’ll Shave my Head Too is an incredible balance between readability, humour, and emotional impact.

“My God, man…I can't help but lose myself in your writing.”

Paul Filippone, Father to Andrew - Los Angeles, California

"Irreverently truthful painful funny heartbreaking stories about a kid with cancer … it's not just so much the stories as it is the window the stories give us into your family. Your gift for writing intimidates and inspires me.”

Becky Smith, Mom to Sarah - Manteo, North Carolina

"Thank you for your wonderful words…you made such an impact on my life in my work that I cannot find an adjective to use."

Candace Desmond, Pediatric Hospice Nurse - San Ramon, California

"Your writing is an incredible talent. I found myself laughing and crying and laughing again, all in the space of a page. "Inspirational" is a very overused word, but there really is no other that is quite as appropriate."

Iris Taylor, Courtney’s Mom – Brisbane, Australia

"As a wife and mother, I really appreciated the respect you showed for Tracey throughout the book. My 74 year old Mom is reading the book now and for this reason says she's in love with you - don't you dare put that on the cover!"

Chris Kilmaster - Burnaby, British Columbia

Steve Dolling and Spencer Dolling photo

Steve Dolling is a husband, father, sailor, writer, and poor guitar player living in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.


Steve Dolling
Krissy Darch, Rob Kragelj
Spencer Dolling

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