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Aging, Inspirational, Spiritual, Alzheimer’s, Christian Faith, Eldercare, Self-Help

Living Into the 100s - Wow!
by Iris M. Ford

Iris Ford loves being near the ocean as she grew up in Bermuda! She has always had a great interest in sharing her life story and as she enters her eighties many of her friends are entering their nineties, and even one is in her hundreds. Iris now spends her time thinking about what aging really means and she writes her impressions in this book.

People who have written their life story for Iris' book are really turned on to the idea. Wow! Will we really live that long? Even grandchildren want a copy to see what their grandparents have been up to all their lives. It is a fascinating book.

Old age is a daunting prospect for anyone but old age into the eighties, nineties, and one hundreds holds special terrors, most of which are cheerfully and wisely addressed in these pages: dementia, loneliness, ill health, loss of autonomy, financial concerns, and on and on. The author’s voice is folksy but frank, and comforting yet honest. Her commentary and narrative ably supports her thesis that it is possible to keep life full and interesting, right into a second century of living.

- Rhonda Hayter, Editor

Iris M. Ford photo

Rev. Iris M. Ford is a retired Presbyterian minister living on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She has worked all over Canada sharing in the lives of many people from coast to coast, serving the Lord and helping people cope with life's difficulties. She has written ten books and this one has really grabbed her attention. Iris says, "This book is her last" - so she says now. But it is fascinating, drawing people of all ages into its scope. We are all aging.


Iris M. Ford

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