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Leftover Foods
With Optional and Substitutable Ingredients
by Vanesa Velacse Melendres

We’ve all opened the fridge door and wondered what to do with leftovers that aren’t enough for a meal or need to get processed before they go past their ‘best before’ date. And, for busy workers, students, parents, and retired people getting healthy and nutritious food on the table or into our lunch bags is a priority. Leftover Foods is all about our ‘foodstyle’ – the way we eat, what we eat and how our foodstyle reflects our commitment to socially responsible eating. Eating responsibly means conserving food and avoiding a fast food, throw away mentality that has economic, social and health costs. For people who want to eat healthy food and reduce food waste, Leftover Foods will give you recipes, ideas and tips to help you make the most of your food budget while respecting your medical, dietary and religious preferences.

Before I put this book together, I spoke with many people about my idea to write about leftover foods. All of these people were very excited to see the book and incorporate my ideas into their everyday meals. I’ve received comments that this book helps save a lot of leftover foods, and also saves time when preparing meals. I’ve spoken with people who have varying lifestyles and diets, including university students, retirees, vegetarians, etc. I’ve learned a great deal from speaking to people who have various backgrounds and dietary restrictions. With this book, I hope to give back to those people who have taught me so much. - Vanesa Melendres

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Debut author Vanesa Velacse Melendres is from Samar, an island in the Philippines who now lives in Calgary, Alberta. After resigning her job in a Philippine bank she lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for six years before moving to Canada. She has a bachelor of science degree in banking and finance but prefers spending time in her kitchen trying out new recipes she’s created. The recipes in the book have all been taste-tested by her family, relatives, friends and especially her three children.


Vanesa Velacse Melendres

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