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biography, autobiography, family history, adventure, memoir, personal memoir, life

My True Life in Short Stories
by Mariette Guenette

From a very humble beginning filled with hardships, the sixth child in a family of fourteen, I was born on a small impoverished farm on the Gaspé Peninsula, in Quebec, Canada, just a tiny dot on the map as I say, and had a very unusual and fulfilled life. Living in ten major Canadian and us cities, always accidentally, I met unforgettable people such as a Roman Catholic Cardinal, Representatives of Governments in Canada, the Governor of Florida, as well as meeting internationally known singers such as Elvis Presley and Julio Iglesias, a WWII naval officer, hockey players, wrestlers and many more prominent people. I lived through illnesses, three earthquakes, car accidents, robberies at gun point and knife point, the Italian and Cuban exoduses and through the 9/11 collapse of the Twin Towers by the terrorists, in ny. In my youth I even realized my dream of skydiving.

I dedicate this book to Dr. Maria Pedro for saving my life in 2013, without whom there would not be a book to leave as my legacy to future generations, and to my dear sister, Françoise, who is always there for me.

“Whether funny, heartwarming, incredible or unexplainable experiences, all my stories are true, spanning more than 75 years.”

Mariette was a school teacher and volunteer teacher for more than twenty years. She taught herself to play the piano, keyboard and guitar, but will only play for her children and grandchildren. She is also an artist; her work has been sold in Florida, Boston, Washington, Montreal and New York. Mariette spent almost ten years organizing an Art Exhibit in Montreal, Quebec, for unknown artists. Each year a piece of artwork or a painting was raffled off in order to raise funds to send underprivileged children to summer camp. In 1995 she was presented the ‘Editor's Choice Award’ by the National Library of Poetry, for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry.


Mariette Guenette

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