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Fionn McKercher, Erin Scullion, Children's story, love poems, family anthology, the Sleep Guardian, on how you came to be

I Need You to Know
A Bouquet of Stories for My Son
by Erin Scullion

I Need You to Know is a book of family reading, however you might want to define ‘family’. First and foremost, it is a book about the history of Fionn’s family, as narrated by his mother, whose motto is “Tell (almost) every truth.” While it’s a story about two particular families coming together as one, it also explores the nature of family generally, the imperfections, jealousies, and secrets that lie side by side with its loyalties, unconditional love, and frankness. Family are the friends you can’t avoid. Erin’s advice to her son on living with family is somewhat longer and more positive than Lord Chesterfield’s 18th Century advice to a young man contemplating marriage: “Don’t.”

“When it comes to cutting through emotional red tape, Erin Scullion has the

sharpest scalpel in the tool kit. She lives a wholly authentic life and – with quiet

determination – requests the same of those she keeps in her heart. Her keen

wit, (often self-deprecating), quick brain and original turn of phrase make I Need

You to Know an evocative love letter that her son will cherish. So will others who

benefit from its wisdom. It is a total joy to read.”

—Rosa Harris, author of Boomerville

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Erin Scullion grew up across the river from Ottawa in a little village called Templeton, Quebec, and moved to Ottawa when she was 10. Early on, she thought she wanted to be a farmer and graduated from Kemptville College of Agricultural Technology (now part of the University of Guelph) in 1980. After a short stint milking Ayrshire dairy cows, she decided there had to be an easier way to make a living, so she pursued journalism, graduating with distinction in 1986 from Concordia University in Montreal. She has been writing professionally ever since. She went on to earn a Master of Arts in communication on fellowship at Syracuse University in New York State. She now works for the federal government. This is her second book. Her first, a history of the Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC), was published by the CDC in 2006.


Erin Scullion

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