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No One Left Behind
How Nurse Practitioners Are Changing The Canadian Health Care System
by Claudia Mariano

No One Left Behind: How Nurse Practitioners Are Changing The Canadian Health Care System, is a collection of stories from NPs across Canada, sharing their most memorable experiences with patients, which clearly illustrate the critical role they play throughout the health care system.

Each story is compelling and unique in its own way; true-life accounts which will take you on an emotional journey, however, one that defines a genuine passion that exists for their work.

The role of an NP has evolved significantly over the years, and is in different stages of progress throughout the country. While there are still legislative and regulatory barriers which prevent Nurse Practitioners from performing their work to the full scope of their practice, their focus on patient care remains the very foundation of their profession. This book shares a variety of stories from NPs across all sectors of the health care system to provide detailed accounts of what they do. In their line of work, they are often reminded of our shared vulnerability as a society, and how that susceptibility connects us. NPs work with patients in all settings in their quest to achieve health—whatever that may mean to the patient.

No One Left Behind is a moving tribute to NPs who have devoted their lives to caring for others, revisiting some of the most poignant experiences of their careers.

This is a wonderful and important book. These fascinating, inspiring stories about the work of nurse practitioners jump off the page with intelligence and energy. Read them for enjoyment, but also, read them to understand how NPs have the potential to improve health care efficiency, universal access, provision of primary care, management of chronic illness, and lengthy wait times. With more NPs, we’ll be a healthier and thus happier, society.

Tilda Shalof, RN, BScN, CCNC ( c )

Bestselling author of A Nurse’s Story and Bringing it Home.

Claudia Mariano is a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner from Ontario, Canada, with twenty-nine years of experience as a registered nurse and nurse practitioner, working with some of the most vulnerable patients. Former president of the Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario, she has presented at numerous professional conferences on a variety of health care topics.

After obtaining her undergraduate degree in Nursing from the University of Toronto 1986, Claudia returned to the University of Toronto and obtained her Master of Science degree in 1992. In 1999 she obtained her Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner designation, also through the University of Toronto. Claudia is also a Certified Diabetes Educator. For the past seven years she has worked at a Family Health Team in Pickering and prior to that she worked at a Community Health Centre in Toronto for ten years, working with marginalized populations.

Claudia resides with her husband and three sons in Pickering, Ontario, close to the shores of Lake Ontario.


Claudia Mariano

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