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cultural diversity, First Nations, Metis, Aboriginal, self-esteem, bullying, skrunk

The Story of Sammy the Skrunk
by Raven Murphy

Squirrel + Skunk = Skrunk

Sammy’s first day at a new school presents unexpected challenges; not everyone wants to be friends with someone who looks different. Things change when Sammy meets Marcel the Métis and learns that being of mixed ancestry is something to be cherished and celebrated.

The Story of Sammy the Skrunk is an endearing tale that celebrates diversity and gives special attention to the Aboriginal peoples of Canada. It is sure to resonate with any child who has experienced the pain of not fitting in and teaches us to take pride in who we are regardless of our differences. Sammy’s adventure reveals that the differences we often perceive as our flaws are actually our unique strengths. This is a book to share with all children, to help them recognize that each one of us is unique, valuable and worthy of celebration.

Now more than any other time on this planet, storytelling is at the forefront of gifting a new generation with a sense of identity, confidence and compassion. Storytelling allows us to celebrate our culture, validate our life experiences and create unique personal bonds with our children. — Raven

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Believe it or not, Sammy is in fact a real Skrunk! He lives in the woods behind my home and comes around every day to snack on nuts and say hello. It was Sammy himself who inspired me to write this story and I am so thrilled to share him with you. — Raven


Through an extensive variety of workshops, school presentations and keynote appearances, Raven wholeheartedly shares her experience and the wisdom of her Ancestors with people of all ages. Her exceptional ability to educate, facilitate and relate to an array of audiences has resulted in her continuous success in generating awareness, instilling pride and inspiring possibility into the hearts and minds of children all over Canada. For more information please go to:


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