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The Days of Unheavened Bread
Receiving the Leaven from Heaven
by Laura Gannon-Berg

“…it shall be for a time, times, and a half;…”, (Daniel 12:7). In ancient Israel, the spring grain harvest was marked by a unique ritual—the waving of the sheaf, usually acted out during, “The Days of Unleavened Bread”. Marking the previous physical delivery from slavery by Moses and the beginning of the Spiritual delivery from slavery by Jesus. Jesus is risen! How did this change the world? Jesus rose from the dead and walked among His followers. Jesus rises in each and every one of us, for there is no you—there is just God. God rising again and again, under the extreme circumstances of your life, and overcoming the shadow of death. Religion will lead you out of the valley of death, but Jesus will take over from there and renew your mind. The Days of Unheavened Bread, is a true story, of the author’s own personal experience with God, interwoven with her heartfelt opinion about being led by the Spirit and seeing God, as a God of love. Presented in a new, unconventional understanding of God’s interaction with humanity and the purpose of life, suggesting that our existence should be one of joy and fun as we co-create with Almighty God. A new perspective on the creation account in Genesis challenges the historical explanations offered by traditional religion, taking readers on a philosophical and theological journey they won’t soon forget! After a successful career in the Information Technology field, Laura Gannon-Berg knew there was more to life than just enjoying the “fruits of her labours,” bountiful though they were. On a quest to discover whether God really does love humanity and the earth, or whether God despises it, wants nothing to do with it, and can’t wait for it to be over, she started to explored the apparent paradoxes in scripture. Self-identifying as a church-going Christian since childhood, she found herself entering “new” theological territory. Eventually she felt God calling her to write a book, which resulted in The Days of Unheavened Bread.

In this book, Laura is trying to use a play on words, to help you understand God and the Bible, in a different light. We need to let the mind of Christ be in us. We need to rid our mind of limitations and to realize that with God the "impossible is possible." We need to focus more on positive benefits, than negative punishments. the Gospel is about "Good News" and success thru God's Word. Laura paints a picture of God, that destroys limitations and magnifies Gods goodness and love toward us. Ron Gannon-Berg

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Laura lives with her husband Ron, on a small hobby farm, where they have kept various farm animals such as goats, chickens, cows, dogs, ducks and rabbits. She enjoys exploring theology, Bible prophecy, and religious art. She has fun playing pool, playing golf, playing video games, and entertaining family and friends on the farm. It’s her hope that through her writing, people will come to view God as a joyous, fun, loving, know-it-all Creator.


Laura Gannon-Berg

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