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Buddhism, Western Perspective, meditation, mindfulness, Micro-psi Perception, Concept of mental action, Bodhicitta

The Path of Love
The Future Of Buddhism as a Science
by Ronald D. Cowen

The Buddha was a scientist. Instead of using a microscope or a particle accelerator, the Buddha used ESP. He had several psychic powers that allowed him to perceive in detail the psychology of karma, the evolution of consciousness, and subatomic particles. He discovered love and self-love to be organizing principles that evolved early in the history of intelligent consciousness, especially with regard to feelings and emotions. Every person has the deepest need to love and be loved. He solved the mind-body problem by perceiving the physical basis of intelligent consciousness. These psychic powers are acknowledged in Hindu and Buddhist scriptures, but extremely few people have them. This book is essentially a meditation report written by someone who has them.

While this sounds like an invitation to return this book to the shelf in a bookstore, it also documents in depth another report by a physicist, Stephen Phillips, who relates in comprehensive detail the relationship between modern superstring theory and extrasensory observation of the elements of the periodic table by Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater of the Theosophical Society. This strong connection between modern physics and psychic powers of the Buddha is a real challenge to both the modern scientist and the modern Buddhist.

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I am 72 years old and I have practiced Buddhist meditation for 50 years. During my meditation, I have had some extraordinary and very controversial experiences. In this book, I share them with you.


Ronald D. Cowen

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