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Voice of the Ancients: At First Sight cover

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Prehistoric, Ancient, Brown bones, Suspense, Mystery, Dinosaur embryo, Artifacts

Voice of the Ancients: At First Sight
by Cha Rnacircle

Warm wind from south collided with the frozen north wind causing thunder, lightening and rain... It pounded the ice and snow into water filling the frozen rivers... Torrents of water began surging over the slick ice gaining speed... The force of the water melted the ice and mud. It released the debris with such power, it crushed everything in its path...

I am the voice of the ancients, listen...

This is the fourth book in the series

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Though I was born in New Mexico, I feel Alaska is my home. Learning to carve on fossil bone and ivory gave me a close connection with ancient people. Many details were preserved in the permafrost. The same information was lost when the ice covering the southwest melted. By writing this series, I get to express my theories of migration and tool use. It will answer questions and create more...


Cha Rnacircle
Jenny Fremlin
Bruce Shingledecker

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