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Traditional Chinese Medicine/TCM, Holism medicine, Acupuncture/acupressure, Qi/Energy, yin and yang, Disease prevention, Healthy diet

A TCM Way to be Healthy, Inside and Out
by Liqun Zhang

Prof. Liqun Zhang is a renowned practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Austria, Europe. This book is the result of a life of Eastern and Western Medicine and being at home on three continents, Asia, North America, and Europe. Prof. Zhang explains the basic principles of TCM. In an engaging and clear way, she shows simple methods to cultivate the mind, to set up a gentle routine for daily use, explains a number of effective Qigong exercises, acupressure and self-acupressure, moxibustion, foot massage, seasonal living, and the principles of personal constitution. She describes a healthy diet as a way to help the body heal itself. Some of these TCM methods have been practiced in China for more than two thousand years. The author reminds us that the TCM lifestyle is all about a do-it-yourself approach. Small changes in the daily routine can make a big difference. Not all methods need to be applied at once. But taking one step at a time, observing the body, and listening to what we feel, will eventually lead us to the physical strength we need. Prof. Zhang provides us with the tools TCM has to offer. Life is a journey! Being healthy is the most important and happiest thing we can have. Thank you all for reading.

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Liqun Zhang is a Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and a Scientist trained in Molecular Biology. She graduated from Shandong University in China and moved to the USA in 1986. She obtained a Master degree in Biology from the University of Houston and earned her Ph.D. in Medical Science from the University of Toronto in 1996. Canada became her home for more than a decade. She is married and has three children, who were all born in Canada. In 2003 her family relocated to her husband’s native Austria. Professor Zhang became a Vice President of the biotech company Apeiron Biologics and involved in the new drug development of APN01 for treating acute lung injury. In 2008 she founded the LP Health Products GmbH in Vienna, a natural health products company committed to promote traditional Chinese natural healing art for health preservation and disease prevention. Prof. Zhang works also as a TCM doctor, with a special emphasis on woman’s health issues, infertility, cancer, chronic pain, and many age-related illnesses. She teaches scheduled TCM classes at the Medical University of Vienna. A dedicated scientist and healer, Prof. Zhang is known for her warm personality and her work style of being available for everybody who seeks her advice, as well as for students, clients, and colleagues.


Liqun Zhang
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