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Memoir, motivation, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, self-help, self-esteem, visualization, spirituality

Obscure, Contradictory and Dysfunctional
(I'm a little OCD too)
by Dallas Johnson

I couldn’t lose. No matter what I set my mind to, I sunk my teeth in, gave it an alligator death shake and emerged victorious. I got jobs I wanted, achieved goals I set for myself and assumed I had this life thing figured out. Then, in 2010, I embarked on a journey that would prove to me how little I knew. I became the biggest failure I had ever known, or could even imagine. No matter what the pursuit, I simply COULD NOT WIN. My consistent failures drove me into a deep depression and set me on a path that led to losing everything. Possessions, self confidence, self worth, sense of humour and my faith. What began as therapeutic journaling, morphed into an introspective, comedic perspective that helped me claw my way back to reality. What do you do when stuff goes sideways, roll over and wet on yourself or get through it? I got through it...and so will you.

"Our mission is to tread water in the pools of despair, exit with a grin wide enough to eat a banana sideways and to not take our final steps on earth with our music still inside us ..."

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Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C, I place myself on no higher a pedestal than anyone else. No royalty, no silver spoon. My life has been as fraught with disaster as the next persons. I’ve loved, I’ve lost, made lots of money, lost everything, made some friends and lost a few. If I told you you could change anything about yourself or your life, would you do the work? I learned it all started with me.


Dallas Johnson

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