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The 2 Faces of Leadership
Merging the Best of Both Leadership Styles
by Tracy D. Pierce

Tracy’s latest book The 2 Faces of Leadership - Merging the Best of Both Leadership Styles is a must read for any leader that is looking to improve his or her team’s outcomes. Tracy believes that there is only two reasons why a team does not perform, either they don’t know or they don’t care. Tracy also believes that every great team starts with great leadership. Tracy shares the key fundamental principles that leaders should use to build high-achieving teams with purpose, direction, motivation, and a desire for improvement.

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Tracy Pierce has proudly served his country for over 20 years in the United States Army, as a Public Affairs Specialist, Combat Medic and Drill Sergeant. Throughout his years of leading and transforming soldiers and corporate employees to achieve success, Tracy has drawn from his experiences as a leader in the United States Army and his years in Executive Leadership. He has spent many years working with teams from Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Louisiana, Georgia and New York.

It is the combination and execution of these two styles that has helped to transform mediocre teams into highly-functioning teams that are inspired and motivated to continuously achieve success. Tracy’s leadership principle is focused on leaders being accountable for the growth, development and achievements of their team. He provides easy step-by-step explanations of the fundamental principles that leaders should implement to build teams that consistently and successfully achieve company goals.


Tracy D. Pierce

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