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Witness: to the Conception of Deception
Let No Man Deceive You. Stop Gambling With Where You'll Live In Eternity
by Michael A. Jackson, Sr.

In this world that we live in Satan’s Conception of Deception is in full operation, and the ungodly men of it are deceived and they deceive others. In this book I expose this great deception that is ongoing and the servants of Satan carrying it out for him. I as a witness and disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, I do warn all (Jews and Gentiles) about this ungodly evil deception being carried out by ungodly evil men outside and inside the church that are one, and with one mission to destroy the Holy God’s creation: to make man rebel against the Holy God the Creator. Read my discussions regarding the signs of the times, and if the people that I discuss are serving the Holy God in spirit and in truth, and are they doing and keeping His commandments and doctrine written in the Holy Scripture.

In the Holy Scripture the Lord God reveals in the end time that there shall be a falling away by the children, and this shall be just before the troubles come upon this world. I witness and warn the children about this time and the people.

I am a disciple and witness of the Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God, and He gave me this work to do: And I have done it. This book is not about me, but its about all of us doing the will of the Holy God, about choosing good over evil and life over death. Whatever your thoughts are? I declare this to Jews and Gentiles, all shall give an accounting of their ungodly unrepentant unbelief to the Lord Jesus Christ the Judge of all the earth.


Michael A. Jackson, Sr.

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