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hunting accident, Amish, legislature, Pennsylvania Gaming Commission, Wildlife Conservation Officers, investigation, murder

Hunting Justice
by Adair McGee and C.F. Rymer

Justice is truth. When a neighbor, Tim Bartin, is killed and another neighbor, Joe Miller, is charged with the shooting, Adair McGee is advised to let the judicial process work. The lack of official information about the case leads to the use of social media as the main resource for information and polarizes the community. Adair is advised that the truth will come out in the end. When it doesn’t, she looks for answers. How could a man, who was not hunting, be charged by the Pennsylvania Game Commission with three violations of the hunting code? Why did the District Attorney bring this incident, classified as a misdemeanor, to the court? Why, when the state’s evidence seemed to absolve the accused, was the case prosecuted? Was the District Attorney seeking the truth or a conviction? Who shot Tim Bartin and why? This story proves once again that fact is stranger than fiction.

Adair McGee, in her first book, found the instruction to write about what you know to be the guiding principle. She is an artist and animal rights activist who felt compelled to tell this story. McGee, a novice when it comes to hunting, judicial process, and governmental regulations, knew this story must be told. She partnered with C.F. Rymer, whose background is in research and writing. Rymer assisted McGee in finding the facts and to giving voice to her story.


Adair McGee
C.F. Rymer

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