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Catholicism, spirituality, death, birth, compassion, ritual, Joseph Campbell

Seven Sacraments for Everyone
Protestants and Catholics, Jews and Muslims, Hindus, Heathens, Humanists and Those Who Have Lost Their Faith or Are Looking For One
by Dale F. Coye

Millions of Christians are abandoning their churches to become spiritual seekers, but now find themselves adrift. Without the church what do we believe in? Where do we look for the Sacred in our lives?

The seed of an answer can be found in the Roman Catholic sacraments, but with a shift in focus from rites and rituals to human experience. It’s not baptism, it’s the birth of a child that is holy. It’s not the wedding ceremony, it’s the sublime oneness we feel in the arms of our best-beloved that lifts us into the realm of the Divine.

Seven Sacraments for Everyone maps the roads that lead to these out-of-this-world experiences and into the heartland of the Sacred. By acknowledging these moments of Mystery and teaching our children to respect them, we will find the clues to a universal moral code on which to build a healthier, more meaningful world.

Dale F. Coye received his PhD from Princeton in Linguistics and has been an educator in the Humanities and Liberal Arts for over 20 years. He was an education writer at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and now teaches at Thomas Edison State College. This book is built from seminars on Ethics and the Humanities he taught for several years at the College of New Jersey. He is also a theatre director, playwright and author of Pronouncing Shakespeare’s Words: A Guide from A to Zounds.


Dale F. Coye

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