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Young Adult Fiction, Home, Family, Fiction, Horses, Equestrian, Horse Riding

Galloping Away
A Novel of Misadventure by the Characters
by LF Johnson

This is a first novel about a young girl's determination to overcome obstacles on her quest to join a pony club and acquire her own horse. Nicki's too perfect sister Karen hates horses. Her elegant Prussian mother from Muenster is emotionally disturbed by her tomboy daughter's interest in horses. When the family moves adjacent to a pony club, the unruly Nicki longs to join. Her mother fights to impose alien cultural values accepted by the older sister, but rejected by Nicki. This is more than a story about horses. It is a story about secrets discovered.

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Leroy Johnson is an engineer and author living in Waterloo, Ontario, the centre of the universe. Johnson was professor of computer science at the University of New Brunswick from 1972-1978. He has won many prizes for wiritng poetry, including the University of New Brunswick Poetry Prize (1964 and 1968) and the Sir George Williams Board of Governors medal for Best Writer in 1968. He is an avid horse lover and owned many horses throughout his life.


LF Johnson

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