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The Weigh
The Ultimate Weight Cut Protocol For Mixed Martial Artists
by Dr. Nichole Teering

The Weigh Protocol strongly advocates striking a better balance in every way possible. Although specific to the world of Mixed Martial Arts any athlete that has a weight cutting component to their sport will find benefit from learning about the five phases in The Weigh. It is only logical that the less dehydration and starvation the body endures the healthier and stronger the athlete will be. Walking in to compete against an opponent that is depleted and in a state of physiological stress automatically gives you the upper hand. From a long term career perspective; you will learn to keep your body optimal therefore you will be able to fight longer. The Weigh is a simple to follow, educational, five phase weight cut regime that any Mixed Martial Artist can benefit from and that any athlete can take a page from. Dr. Nichole Teering takes the stance that we should be re educating ourselves on the topic of weight cuts. Reading this book will give you a whole new approach. Start this upgrade today to gain longevity in your athletic career.

"Nichole has me on point with my diet and supplements. I highly recommend competitors get in touch with her."

- Jordan Mein, UFC Fighter. (Top 10 Canadian MMA Welter Weights.)

"Fighters should be using The Weigh Protocol from the start of their career. Use this technique for more energy, better recovery and more success in your sport. The Weigh Protocol is the only way I will ever cut weight again."

- Joshua Kitchen, Professional MMA Fighter

"If you are a fighter this is a must-do upgrade. The Weigh is for any fighter who wants to gain longevity in this sport and improve on every level. No more severe dehydrating or starving before a fight. This is the better way to cut weight."

-Noah Ali, Professional MMA Fighter

"Nichole Is the only Nutritionist I have ever seen transform people."

- Brad Cardinal, The Score Fight Series MMA Fighter

With a background in Chinese medicine, yoga and nutrition, Dr. Nichole Teering understands the importance of prevention and moderation over quick fixes when it comes to health and optimum performance. Nichole’s focus on natural medicine and participation in activities like Jujitsu, weight lifting, swimming and yoga led her to work with many athletes early in her career, giving her a unique perspective on human performance training. Nichole’s understanding of human physiology coupled with her passion for nutrition and wellness led her to develop a more sustainable and effective approach to weight cutting that is groundbreaking in the world of combative sports today. Nichole admires and respects the dedication of each fighter and hopes The Weigh protocol will help bring more balance to their lives.


Dr. Nichole Teering

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