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Western Europe 1919, Great Britain, South Africa, Philanthropy, History and Peace, Women’s studies, Germany/Switzerland.

Living the Love
Emily Hobhouse post-war (1918-1926)
by Jennifer Hobhouse Balme

In 1918 Emily Hobhouse was 58 and a partial invalid. She could have retired to her beloved Cornwall to write her memoirs but the plight of the children of Europe, half starved by war restrictions, called her to new works. Helped by the Save the Children Fund and people of the South Africa, her main scheme was to provide meals for thousands of children in the city of Leipzig, Germany. Then the South Africans remembering how she had helped and encouraged their own women and children in the Anglo Boer war of 1899-1902 gave her money for a house in Cornwall where she could write. Her ashes were interred in the War Memorial in South Africa dedicated to the women and children whom long ago she had done so much to help. Though often sick hers was a life of Service and shows what determination can achieve.

Gandhi called Emily Hobhouse:

'A great Englishwoman’ and said ‘She gave herself to God’s

service...She feared no man because she feared God only.’

Jennifer Hobhouse Balme was born in London, in 1928 and worked with the WRVS until her marriage in 1966 when she came to Canada where her husband raised pedigree Ayrshire cattle. On her father’s death she inherited a trunk containing the papers of her great aunt Emily Hobhouse. This gave her information and inspiration to write three books about this remarkable woman - ‘To Love One’s Enemies’, ‘Agent of Peace’ and the present one ‘Living the Love’.


Jennifer Hobhouse Balme

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