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Ancient History, Europe, Iron Age People, Druids, Mythology, Legends, Britons, Gaul, Galacians, Ancient Ireland, Welsh, King Arthur, Hallstatt, LaTene Culture,

History of the Celts
by Clayton N. Donoghue

Despite all the books that have been written on the Celts there is still new material to learn about these mysterious people who lived in Europe 2,000 years ago. In this book you will see for yourself just how much there is to discover. It is written in an easy, light manner that anyone can enjoy and is short enough that it won’t take long to get through. The objective of this story is to provide a fresh perspective and to dispell some old beliefs; especially in areas like the Druids. They were not that bizarre as many have come to believe. Sit back and be pleasantly surprised.

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As a personal hobby Clayton has been fascinated by the Celtic people for years and as such has read volumes on them. He is a college graduate in mechanical engineering which proved to be an enormous asset to understanding the engineering accomplishments of these ancient people. This is quite new to any previous writing on the Celts because most writers are usually people who principal in literature; therefore it offers a fresh perspective to the subject. Also, he wrote this book having actually been to Europe and seen first hand numerous Celtic sites and artifacts in museums. Lastly, like all subjects, when there is a passion for it there naturally comes new stories regardless and Clayton has certainly done that in this case.


Clayton N. Donoghue

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