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Language therapy, Support personnel, Developmental delay, Language games, Therapy Carryover, Special Education, Reading Whole Words

Targeting Language Delays
Language and Reading IEP Goals
by Caroline Lee

Targeting Language Delays: Language and Reading IEP Goals provides sequential steps in programming to meet more than 100 IEP* goals in the areas of receptive and expressive language, listening and whole word reading for verbal and non-verbal school-age students who have communication difficulties in association with development challenges such as Down Syndrome, Autism, neurological delay and hearing impairment.

This manual is for: Speech-Language Pathologists, parents, teachers, and support personnel.

Speech-Language Pathologists using this manual will be able to:

• develop an appropriate IEP for students

• plan therapy sessions

• provide instruction for support personnel

• track students’ progress allowing for seamless carryover of programming from one school year to the next and over changes of support personnel.

Parents, teachers and support personnel will easily be able to follow the steps in language and reading stimulation through structured activities, games and home carryover.

Part 1 offers background and tips on teaching language skills.

Part 2 contains goals, activities, games and carryover in key receptive and expressive language areas, as well as printable vocabulary lists and tracking forms.

Targeted Goals:

• Following directions

• “Yes/no” and negative “no/not”

• Vocabulary development (nouns and verbs)

• Classification and categorization

• Descriptors

• Concepts

• “Wh” questions

• Listening skills (discrimination, memory and processing)

• Word and sentence structure

• Whole Word reading

Each goal is broken down into multiple sequential steps ensuring that underlying skills are targeted before addressing more complex goals.

*Individualized Education Program/Individual Education Plan

"Caroline Lee's book is a wonderful resource for professionals working with children with developmental delays. All too often language books are difficult to understand and therefore difficult to implement. Caroline broke the mold!" - Ronald Leaf, Ph.D., Director of Autism Partnership.

"Wow! This is a must-have resource for any paediatric speech therapist! Offering concise goals in a clear hierarchy, it ensures you've targeted underlying skills before addressing more complex goals. Therapists will also appreciate the suggestions for treatment activities that align with each individual step" - Kim Lewis, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, paediatric therapist and the blogger at

"An extremely useful resource for both educators and parents that will help our children to learn and use language effectively. A fantastic IEP companion!" - Angela Pryor, mother of two boys of whom one has autism.

Caroline Lee graduated from the Oldrey-Fleming School of Speech Therapy, London, England in 1968. Over her long career she worked with children in public health, school boards and private practice.

During seventeen years with the Renfrew County District School Board in Ontario, she carried out assessments, and planned programming for students with a broad range of speech/language delays and developmental challenges including those with Down Syndrome, hearing loss, and on the autism spectrum. While supervising the implementation of programming through support personnel she felt the need of a book that could be referenced by those providing programming. Following retirement from practice in 2011, Caroline wrote that book!

Targeting Language Delays was the Gold Winner in the Education Category in the Indiefab awards for 2014 from Foreword Magazine. Caroline was recognized by Autism Parenting Magazine as one of the top ten writers who contributed to the magazine during 2014.

Caroline lives in Deep River, Ontario, and enjoys walking, kayaking, reading and exploring fibre art.


Caroline Lee

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