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The Exasperated Clock cover

1. Paperback Edition
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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Numbers, Counting, Imagination, Funny, Creativity, Clock, Time

The Exasperated Clock
by Debbie Hickman

In The Exasperated Clock, the 12 numbers on the clock are silly, noisy, and irresponsible. Consequently, the Clock decides to throw each of the numbers off which becomes quite a problem because the numbers are on their own and are clueless. Eventually each number finds a better job than working on the clock. Kids will giggle their way through this book laughing at the antics of the numbers and their gainful, whimsical and surreal employment.

“Cousin to the lunatic stories of Lewis Carroll is Debbie Hickman’s The Exasperated Clock. This sweet maniac of a story tells life from the view of a clock and her hyper rascally numbers. Each follows his or her destiny to places few could imagine. Read this charmer and find out what they are. Hickman’s imagination is luminous.”

David Greenberg, children’s book author and director of the OREGON COAST CHILDREN’S BOOK WRITERS WORKSHOP, SUMMER 2013

“. . . the characters are believable and delightfully expressive through their dialogue, inner thoughts and actions. Second graders LOVE when things are mixed up and not going well. So their little minds start working immediately on how this is all going to get sorted out. I was enchanted.”

Malia McLaughlin, Second grade teacher at Mon’t Kiara International School, Malaysia.

Debbie Hickman was born in Vancouver, Washington, grew up in Idaho and is now living in Sierra Vista, Arizona with her family. In between she has lived and taught in Arizona, Bahrain, Kuwait, India,Turkey, Kazakhstan and Malaysia. She was inspired to write this story when learning that serious mathematicians often referred to numbers as their “friends.” Einstein’s famous question “What time is it really?” gave momentum to her thinking as well. Of course, the response to her stories from her numerous imaginative young students over the years inspired her to keep telling and writing more stories. Other books by Hickman will be forthcoming about how each number evolved in their life beyond the clock. Stay tuned.

Adam Taylor most identifies with the number 8. He is often silly and loves to surf! He is also a huge fan of illustrating children’s books. You can check out his work and other books at Adam lives in a small town between the Grand Canyon and Zion’s National park with his wife Erin, who is also an illustrator, and their 2 year old daughter Alizalyn.


Debbie Hickman
Adam Taylor

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