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  • 192 pages
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  • 978-1-4602-2129-7 Hardcover
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Tween, Single Parent Household, Grandparents, Middle School, Absent Father, Growing up, Latchkey

I Keep You in My Heart
by John Iles

Like so many young girls today that live in single-parent homes, Steph carries the never-ending wound of her father not being in her life. Pop, as her grandfather is called, serves as that warm ray of sunshine she gets to enjoy during her summer vacations in Dallas with her grandparents. Oh, to live the entire year as her crazy grandfather’s favorite sidekick would be heaven. The drudgery of the school year back home in Savannah with her impossibly-busy mother is, well, the worst. I Keep you in My Heart, the first of a two-book set, is a story that tells of a young girl’s dream of living near her grandfather and finding her father. Hmm? What if she could sway Pop to cook up a plan to find her father? With her powers over him… Easy-peasy. He falls for her twelve-year-old-charms every time. Her mom and grandmother are like sooo not on the list of those who can know of operation “Find Dad,” since both would totally kill her if they found out? Be entertained by the crazy antics of Steph’s grandfather. Open your heart to the story of a young girl and the guiding, supporting love she receives from her grandparents. Walk with her on her sometimes-difficult path in her first year as a teen.

Take this journey with Steph as she bears within her heart Pop’s oft repeated words, “Steph, I keep you in my heart every day.” Will his love be enough to carry her to the reality of the brighter day she dreams of?

John lives in Mont Belvieu, Texas with his wife, daughter, and two grandchildren. One day his granddaughter came home from school unhappy that she had been unable to find a book she wanted to read. After having overloaded his mouth about how he could write a really fun and interesting book, she challenged him to write a novel that was just that. Once the panic subsided, John decided to write a story about what he knew and enjoyed most. The guidance and love good grandparents are able to offer the life of a child. John’s book focuses around humor and the gift that each, the grandparent and the grandchild, may enjoy in being a part of one another’s life.

The book is told in the voice of Steph, the main character. “The most interesting thing about the book from the perspective of the writer,” John remarked, “was how much I learned during writing the book about how females feel and communicate. I’ve been married for forty-seven years and raised two daughters. I had guessed that I had some idea regarding females. Man, was I wrong. If I was going to get Steph’s voice right I had to have her talk, think, and feel as a twelve-year-old girl. I was aided and counselled by the best. I had to pay for my counselling sessions with lots of slumber and pizza parties for my granddaughter and her friends, but I think I finally got it right. I am really pleased with how the book turned out. It is a fun read and most any young girl would enjoy walking through its pages.”


John Iles

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