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Debra's Gifts
A story of love. The beginning and end of life.
by Lorraine Paul Noznisky

Mother’s Statement: This book is about our experience with my daughter Debra’s walk with cancer. It is every mother’s nightmare — losing a child. It began the first day my daughter was diagnosed. Never did I consider the possibility that my diary would serve any purpose other than to try to understand the mystery and confusions, or lack of information, or misinformation during her treatments; also our hopes, disappointments, the roller-coaster of emotions, and the confusing medications. We have never been able to verify her treatments, as after numerous requests, we were not given Debra’s medical records.

Lorraine’s professional life as a Certified Professional Secretary (the highest certification for a secretary) catapulted her to venues from local community, to state, national and international organizations. Eventually, she formed her own seminar company, “You-nique Seminars” teaching leadership and management skills and traveling throughout North America. Now in retirement, she and her husband live in Florida and New York State, where she still volunteers in community organizations.


Lorraine Paul Noznisky
Donna Lafornia

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