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ESL - Learners Workbooks 1 & 2 cover

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North American talk, written communication, language proficiency, lesson plans, pedagogical tools, TESL(teaching English as a second language), TESOL(Teaching English to speakers of other languages), study aids

ESL - Learners Workbooks 1 & 2
For Students of English as a Second Language by Josette Wecsu B.A.

ESL-Learners Workbooks 1&2 are built around a concentration of practical grammar exercises designed to reinforce each lesson and to facilitate progress in learning.

At the Beginner Level: Book 1, the student is introduced to the basic elements of English language expression: all pronouns, articles, question words, prepositions, the Present Tense, the Present Continuous Tense and the Imperative sentence. The new grammar structure is introduced by means of a Tutorial followed by specific explanatory examples which enable the student to quickly comprehend the lesson. Answers to exercises are provided.

At the Intermediate Level: Book 2, the student is introduced to complex tenses and temporal references, adverbs and adjectives and their clauses, indefinite pronouns, the structure of questions, modal auxiliaries and popular North American expressions. Tutorials include verb conjugations, contractions, spelling rules and exceptions and irregular verbs. Answers to all grammar exercises are provided.

In a classroom setting, many teachers rely on this type of teaching aid to compliment a particular lesson or to complete a homework assignment.

I am a teacher of English as a Second Language and have been teaching for over twenty-five years. In a classroom setting, the ESL teacher is faced with the dilemma of providing lessons for students of both academic and nonacademic backgrounds with seemingly conflicting goals. We have students who want to speak English for the purpose of travel and those who need English proficiency for admission to English language high schools and colleges in North America.

This led to the creation of various pedagogical tools. I have found that, in the classroom , these workbooks can be a compliment to any lesson or are useful as homework assignments.

I earned a Bachelor of Psychology from Concordia University, Montreal, and I also hold a certificate in the teaching of English as a Second Language. I have published another ESL Workbook (1990 hard print) and various lesson plans in electronic form (2008-11).


Josette Wecsu B.A.

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