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Infinite Sequels cover

1. Paperback Edition
  • Black & White
  • 112 pages
  • 6 x 9 inches

poetry, love, forgiveness, longing, exhilaration, anguish, human possibility

Infinite Sequels
by David Stones

To every action there is an immediate and intrinsically related reaction, a linked chain of repercussions that domino within this extraordinary corral we call existence. The path taken, the call unanswered, the leaf that refuses to fall- employing a range of poetic forms and undulations of mood and tempo, Infinite Sequels explores the spectrum of human possibility. From love to anguish, from reprisal to forgiveness, from joy to sorrow, David Stones casts a discerning eye, a keen wit and a singular poetic voice to the remarkable arc that is life’s journey. “I almost got started....I almost began,” the poet laments, at once in praise, at once decrying the blessing and the curse of mortal choice. “So lost in my close to the light,” Stones casts a unique and understandably frail beam of illumination on the joyous, sometimes pitted landscape of human experience.

David Stones photo

David Stones is an accomplished business leader and marketing executive with a long track record as a weekend writer and poet. David has been published in various poetry journals and reviews since his student days at University of Toronto. Infinite Sequels, though his first book of poetry, represents largely recent poems but embraces a lifetime of reflection and keen observation. His second volume of poetry, Such A Frail Book Of Endings, will be completed next year. David lives in Toronto with his wife, Jeannie, and a wanna-be poet cat, Leonard.


David Stones

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