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    • Due Process Constitutional Rights Civil Pro Per Court corruption judicial Misconduct abuse Authority Judge ethic injustice workplace employment propria persona

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Whistle Blowing
Orange County Style
by C. J. Ford Jr.

First and foremost, there is nothing wrong with “Whistle Blowing”, or standing up for yourself. Use this book to help you decide if risking the penalties of failure will reap the rewards of success – and righting a wrong. Secondly, this book exposes unethical people that abuse their power. They protect their outdated ideology while others pay extreme penalties, instead of re-evaluating their prejudices to bring about fairness. In my situation, The Alternate Defense Services, formed by the Orange County Board Of Supervisors is protecting a “good ole boy” ideology at the financial expense of taxpayers. Their only purpose is to punish indigent pro per defendants. This violates due process laws as laid out in the Constitution, Federal and State Fair Trade Laws, Sunshine Laws, and Bar Association Policies. I hope and pray that this book will fall into the hands of a State or Federal agency that will investigate misappropriation of taxpayers’ funds by the Alternate Defense Services. This money was allotted by the taxpayers for the defense of pro per defendants. I am hoping that a good reporter will dig in depth into this story, and uncover underlying civil or criminal elements that individuals involved may be protecting.

C. J. Ford Jr. is a private investigator who specializes in criminal cases and is an activist for constitutional rights. The book “Whistle Blowing Orange County Style” symbolizes Ford’s desires to see the rights of the destitute, protected. The judicial system is difficult to master, and the indigent suffer from being inflicted with additional systematic restrictions that often serve to limit their constitutional rights and due process of law. The saying goes that if you represent yourself, you have a fool for a client. In some instances, that may be true. However, with the Internet’s access to legal information, it is very possible to successfully represent yourself. Every person has the same due process of law, regardless of their representation. The system should never punish you for exercising your rights. C.J. plans on writing a series of books like this one, using his experience and knowledge to outline different legal situations or goals, while dealing with choices and probable consequences that may result from those choices. In a society that changes every day, C.J. Ford believes it is important to protect individual constitutional rights and to preserve the integrity of the system and all individuals that make up that system.


C. J. Ford Jr.

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