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Ginger, Jorgental, Canadian, Poets, Poems, Poetry, Romantic

Puzzle Pieces
by Ginger Jorgental

Ginger Jorgental dedicates "Puzzle Pieces" to those friends who have truly inspired her work. Her influences are Robert Frost, William Cartwright, W.B. Yeats, John Keats, Pablo Neruda, Billy Collins, Gabriel Rosenstock, and many others. Ginger resides in a small town in Western Canada.

"Puzzle Pieces" is a creative work inspired by love, friendship and imagination. Ginger Jorgental offers goodwill, devotion, light-hearted reassurance, and humor by turns. "Puzzle Pieces" is a collection of eidetic poetry that reflects upon and embraces the nuance of emotions, the grace of nature and the art of poetry itself. Rhythmic and alliterative verse interspersed with form.


Today, I walk on

a path lit with memory,

before me, your grace

wherein I take hold of love

where I will live, reflecting,

the temper of love

dissolving into the warmth

that speaks devotion

newfound; the heavens part.

Rain falls, cooling my face.


Ginger Jorgental
Front Cover Image: “Walk Away” by Illustrations by Annemarie Rysz Flickr Getty Images

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