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Bipolar By Proxy
Bipolar/Pseudo Bipolar Family System
by Dr. Sue Kohnke LMFT Ed.D

Bipolar By Proxy is an intimate journey of young love, marriage, family, bipolar and pseudo bipolar. This captivating story is about compassion for another human being, the belief in marriage, and the ignorance of mental health disorders. Along the way, you realize the important strengths and characteristics that are instilled in us from birth. Education is empowering but we are all just human first.

“Now I Become Myself. It’s taken time,

many years and places. I have been dissolved

and shaken, worn other people’s faces.”

By: May Sarton

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I am a 53 year old woman. Born and raised in a small town with traditional family values of that era. I married right out of high school and we began a family two years later. Our daughters are in their early 30’s with families and careers. Up until 12 years ago, I only held a high school education. I now hold a doctorate in educational psychology. I teach psychology classes at the college level, a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist, teach Family-to-Family classes for NAMI, and also volunteer as an adult literacy instructor in my community. I love to read and learn as much as I love to teach. I enjoy kayaking, hiking, my dog – Lilly, and just being outside.


Dr. Sue Kohnke LMFT Ed.D

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