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Founding Fathers, Constitutional essays, Federalist, American Independence, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison

Plain Talking the Federalist
by R. E. Bridwell

Plain Talking the Federalist expresses the Federalist authors in a clearer and more concise rendition. Eighteenth Century language has changed over the years, which changes meanings if you use the same words with different definitions. This rendering returns to the meanings of the original words by using equivalent words in today’s vocabulary.

An effort to express The Federalist articles as though Hamilton, Madison, and Jay were writing for today’s audience.

R. E. Bridwell is a retired US History teacher who was challenged to start thinking about government from the perspective of the US Constitution rather than from what people generally, and oftentimes erroneously, conclude about US Government. Reading the Constitution with the correct definitions sheds a great deal of light on what the Founders actually intended. The Federalist amplified the intention of the Constitution because it commented on the underlying assumptions and foundations of a system of government of men under God and under law.


R. E. Bridwell

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