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Wonders within Gemstones II  cover


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Wonders within Gemstones II
by Anthony de Goutière

Viewed through a microscope, some gemstones and crystal specimens reveal amazing photogenic inclusions and surface features that could well be mistaken for abstract art.

With the use of various lighting techniques and careful composition, gemmologist and photographer Anthony de Goutière has photomicrographed many of these unusual and artistic scenes. The author hopes to inspire other gemmologists to search for and photograph the elusive beauty of gemstone inclusions.

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Front Cover Image: Muscovite (mica) cluster in a faceted aquamarine from Brazil.

Transmitted plus polarized illumination. Area photographed approx. 2.00 x 2.00 mm.

Anthony de Goutière photo

ANTHONY DE GOUTIÈRE started his career as a watchmaker and opened his own watch-repair and jewellery store. While studying gemmology, de Goutière was inspired by the photomicrographs of gemmologists Dr. Eduard Gübelin and John Koivula. He attached his 35mm camera with an adaptor to a trinocular microscope and his passion for photographing gemstone inclusions began.

Once retired, de Goutière continued with photomicrography of gemstones as a rewarding hobby. His photomicrographs and articles on gemstones and jewellery have been published in gemmological journals around the world. His first book, Wonders within Gemstones, was published in 1996. De Goutière lives in Victoria, British Columbia.


Anthony de Goutière
Mary Burland FGA The Gemmological Association of Great Britain

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