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My Journey with Food
The most important element of life: mistreated and misunderstood
by Michel Rabu

Michel’s focus on healthy lifestyle culminated in this book, hoping to influence people to take the time to cook healthy fresh food. He believes making meals should return to being a social and family event. Understanding the busy and hectic lives of his modern audience, Michel’s recipes ensure simplicity without compromising flavour. Each meal is conscientiously designed to be cost-effective and quick to prepare, allowing any cooking enthusiast to spend more time with their family while still ensuring they all eat nutritious and delicious meals.

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Michel Rabu has being cooking since he was a young teen after the second world war. Born in Brittany, France, Michel has always being exposed to fresh farm food and taught to gather from the wild as much as possible, while his passion for fresh seafood comes from those past experiences. Although his parents where both hairstylists, and aware of European traditions that dictated children (especially boys) were to follow in the family footsteps when it came to profession, Michel worked as a successful hairstylist with International recognition for fifteen years before realizing his true passion was cooking. Having cooked for friends most weekends all of his life, they encouraged him to pursue his dream of opening a restaurant.

His father, Marcel, shared the same passion for cooking, and so they joined forces and opened “The Gourmet by the Sea” restaurant on Vancouver Island. The success was immediate and continued for thirty years. International awards and visits from Hollywood stars and heads of state alike all made “The Gourmet” famous.


Michel Rabu

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