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How to build the team you want
...and lead them to victory!
by Marco Kelly

This book began as a series of articles written for small to medium sized business owners and operators who were facing serious challenges with staff turnover, productivity and growth. It takes you through a journey of experience relating the best practices of recruiting, interviewing, selection, orientation, training, evaluations, coaching and discipline. In addition it provides valuable insight to understanding the key principles of leadership with regards to coaching and mentoring.

Using analogies and true stories of experiences, this book is designed to help you learn how to build a team for your company, organization or department that you would be proud of, and then how to lead that team to success.

Included is a summary of the Leadership Profile which itemizes key attributes required to be a successful leader and also the Leadership Tool Box, a list of Leadership Approaches to help you navigate the challenges and pitfalls you will inevitably face.

Although it began for small to medium sized businesses, the processes outlined in this book are relevant for companies and organizations of all sizes.

Marco is a professional motivational speaker whose goal is to inspire people to utilize the ‘Key Tools’ to achieve the goals and objectives for all areas of their lives. With over 20 years of experience as a leader in the hospitality Industry and working as a coach and mentor for numerous people, Marco has developed a common sense approach to leadership by using analogies and stories to paint pictures of how things can be and how to make them happen.

Using an approach of Accountability and ‘Connecting to the Vision’, Marco has been able to generate success for companies he was hired to run, and in assisting other operators and owners, as a consultant, in generating growth and positive change in their companies.

Marco began working in the Hospitality Industry at the age of 14 and began his leadership career at the age of 21. Because of his inherent commitment to excellence his goal was to become the best leader he could be and so he became a dedicated student of Leadership, Coaching and Mentorship. Then, by taking principles and testing them out during his own experiences, Marco has been able to generate a list of the ‘Key Tools’, principles and philosophies that is the recipe for great leadership.

Information about Marco and his talks is available at and you can also follow him on twitter @MarcoAKelly.


Marco Kelly

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