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Weddings Around the World One: cover


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Weddings Around the World One:
Sikh Weddings
by Arvinder K Grewal

As the new generations of Sikhs are born and raised outside India, the significance and meanings behind the historically rich Punjabi wedding customs and the Sikh wedding ceremonies are being lost because they are not being passed down. Weddings Around the World: Sikh Weddings is the first book to record the rich tapestry of the Sikh wedding and Punjabi ceremonies, explaining the rituals performed and their associated meanings. This book offers instruction on what is needed to carry out the pre- and post-Punjabi wedding ceremonies, as well as the knowledge on performing Sikh wedding rituals. In order to further emphasize the grandeur and colourful beauty of these weddings, a photographic illustration will also be included of the different ceremonies and fashions of the exotic Punjabi Sikhs.

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Arv Grewal was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada to parents who emigrated there from Punjab, India. She is a clinical counsellor and private therapist based in Vancouver, helping people learn coping skills to live well balanced lives. She has a keen interest in cross-cultural issues and is an active member in her community activities. Arv is thankful to her parents for instilling her culture and heritage into her upbringing and has a great value for the richness of her culture. She feels that this richness is vastly showcased in the grandeur of the Punjabi Sikh wedding and cherishes the ritualistic customs that have been passed down hundreds of years. Through her own experiences she realized that these customs are not being passed down to current and future generations. Arv wrote Weddings Around the World: Sikh Weddings to document the rich traditions of the Sikh Punjabi weddings, and to ensure that these traditions are kept alive for generations to come.


Arvinder K Grewal

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