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theology, phenomenology, theism, Dehellenization, ontology, metaphysics, ecclesia

Reconstruction in Western Theism
A Phenomenological Approach by Allan M Savage

This book is a contribution to the existing body of philosophical and theological thought in the Western Church. It is a personal account, not a historical or chronological one. The approach taken reflects the change in mind of the author from a classical to a contemporary view of theology. His journey suggests that through personal engagement with the spirit of God one may begin to understand religious experience. Among the purposes of theological study is spiritual growth, intellectual understanding being of secondary importance. The deepening of theological understanding has been achieved, not by ecclesiastical officials, but by faithful individuals and sometimes in opposition to official interpretation. Individuals need to accept their responsibility and co-creative relationships with that which is divine. This book passes not only as an informative guide to interpretation of truth but serves as a must read for any serious student of theology, assisting the reader in examining his or her own life in the search for truth.

Peter Stuart, a social and literary critic and co-author of The Catholic Faith and the Social Construction of Religion: With Particular Attention to the Québec Experience, remarks that phenomenology continues to present itself within the Roman Catholic Church. However, scholasticism, has always prided itself on using a dialectical method of enquiry to prove various points of theological discussion. Scholastics and phenomenologists could engage in a dialectical discourse and a new ‘thesis’ could emerge out of this process. See his full review inside.

Allan Savage has served in diverse and varying pastoral ministries, as well as lecturing in the Faculty of Theology, University of Winnipeg, since being ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood in 1978. He has written books in the areas of theology, philosophy and psychology. That contemporary Western culture is significantly different from the Medieval culture from which much of the Church’s philosophy and theology is inherited and thus is no longer satisfactory for the contemporary context, has provide the catalyst for his writing. He is presently the pastor of St. Patrick’s English-speaking parish in Québec City, Canada.


Allan M Savage
Peter Groulx
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