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Whatsoever Things Are True cover

1. Paperback Edition
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  • 32 pages
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calligraphy, poetry, flowers, words of wisdom, inspiration, garden, whatsoever things are true, illustration, prayer, spirituality

Whatsoever Things Are True
by June Mary MacLean

This book is a legacy of favourite quotes encircled by exquisitely painted flowers. In the year before the passing of artist June Mary MacLean, her daughter Heather suggested that she paint twenty two water colour flower paintings which would allow space for calligraphed quotations. Heather assured her that some day she would find a way to publish them.

June Mary MacLean photo

About the Artist: June Mary MacLean,a talented artist, was married to her soulmate Angus Cameron MacLean. This was a love match made in heaven and they committed their love and lives to eachother the day after they met for the first time and…lived happily ever after! June exhibited many of her paintings and was always generous in sharing her artistic talents with others.

About the Calligrapher: Heather MacLean, June's daughter, had the opportunity to publish one of her fairytales “ THE MOONICORN FAIRIES” from her home in Canada. She was so enchanted with the colour that Friesen Press reproduced from her illustrations that she asked them to consider publishing this flower painting/calligraphy book.


June Mary MacLean
Heather MacLean,

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