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Cura Personalis: A Course In Medical Miracles
Embracing our whole identity in becoming fully effective healers
by Antonia C. Johns

The physician-patient bond is a significant relationship, intended to effect healing in our patient -- but is it the patient alone who benefits?

We are all patients at some point. As a patient, how well do we know our self, how clearly do we communicate what troubles us to our doctor, to others?

Even when we are feeling healthy, we remain aware of some aspects of our lives that need healing. For many of us, it is our relationships that need healing.

This book is an essential exploration into the challenges inherent in the physician-patient dynamic and extends the findings to other important encounters. The reason it is appropriate for everyone, physician or not, is because the principles adhered to in its writing are universal in reach and eternally relevant. Its sole purpose is to promote healing in our world, individually and collectively. Whatever our vocation we are each called to be an essential effective healer in some way that is natural to us, our gift to the world. Here we are reminded that when we promote conditions for healing in our relationships we manifest miracles naturally.

Ms Johns is a pseudonym for an American Board Certified Neurologist who has been in practice for 30 years. Compelled by the impact of Stark legislation on the medical profession at large, Johns recently completed a Masters degree (Physician Executive MBA). Johns considers the raising of her two daughters to be her single most natural achievement. The choice for the pseudonym is made with the intention that our focus be on the message, not the messenger. In truth, there are many messengers who have contributed to this work — the author reveres their contributions with gratitude.


Antonia C. Johns

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