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Earp the Burping Frog
by Donna Fjelstad

Earp has a problem with manners. He doesn’t understand that he is bothering the other animals in the pond by his loud burping. He’s told by the elder frogs that he has to move across the pond it didn’t seem to bother him to make the move. He doesn’t understand that he is scaring all the animals away and that Mrs. Alligator is getting quite hungry because of this.

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Donna grew up in a small Southern Minnesota town with a population of 600. She attended a Roman Catholic school every evening. Her sixth-grade teacher, sister Alonzo, would read stories to the class. The book of choice was Charles Dicken’s Christmas Carol. Donna would often lay her head on her desk daydreaming of the book, before too long the day was up. At night before Donna would go to bed she would daydream about something different so she could fall to sleep. Some nights she would dream that she was on the Star Trek enterprise with Capt. Kirk.

Donna had a hard time in school. She had a learning disability called dyslexia, so her only way out was by daydreaming.

Donna was not diagnosed with dyslexia tell her late teenage years. Unfortunately by that this time she was unable to read or write.

She refused to give up, at the age of 19 she taught herself how to read. Unfortunately the writing didn’t come as easy as the reading. Now she found a wonderful new tool called Dragon program and she couldn’t be anymore happier.


Donna Fjelstad

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