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Smiling Troubles
by J R Wagner

True Life “Notables” happen to everyone, every day, all over the place. When the “Troubles” of life are embarrassing, awkward, or uncomfortable, Jennifer usually brags about them with a “Smile.” Through humorous autobiographical anecdote adventures, she shares the mucky, sometimes messy mundane bits and pieces of her troubled yesterdays. A small number of fine folks wrote words about the “Troubles” they read—ahead of publishing time.

“It’s like you’re talking to me.” “I’d buy the book!”

“I laughed at times until my sides hurt.”

“What a hoot! I especially liked the wet pants one.”

“I enjoyed story number one—the red thunderbird, the boots,

and the tongue that never got a chance to lick! ...You have a

way of lighting up a room and making sour pickles like me

smile. That’s special.”

“I laughed so hard reading your true life adventures. Maybe

because I know you a little, but I can just picture you doing

this stuff! Keep writing. My only complaint is that they are

too short.”

Regarding The Smiling “Source” of Trouble, J R Wagner

J R [Jennifer Ruth] Wagner was born in a country far, far away, [Papua New Guinea] on a date beyond yesterday. Life happened, in LOTS of places. She now resides in Kent, Washington, and apparently has never left for no “clear,” good reason. In amusingly odd, droll, and whimsical ways, she enjoys sharing too much information, because it’s all about her. She also believes “Smiles” should show whenever and wherever “Troubles” take place!”


J R Wagner
Front Cover Photograph by Michael Miller
Ruth Lilly Wagner and Lisa A. Hamilton

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