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  • How I Loved You


    It’s dark But wait, look! Just there, do you see it? A glimmer, a glow I see the northern lights Green, blue, purple But tonight You are the most captivating view What’s it like to love someone else, to navigate the ups and downs of romances, ...

  • My Secret Mirror

    Hiding Madness From a Perception of Life by

    My Secret Mirror: Hiding Madness from a Perception of Life deals with abstract thoughts, cognitive emotions, and the philosophical idealisms to wonder while functioning in an unforgiving society. Sometimes the side effects of intelligence create an ...

  • The Wallowing Hour


    The wallowing hour is a soulful, artistic collection of poetry that touches on the loneliest as well as the most romanticized parts of life. It lets you in on a sneak peak of the author's deepest, darkest thoughts as well as the dreams she holds for ...