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  • Scars


    In Zaphia’s life there are two kinds of scars. The ones you can see on the outside- like the visible line she has running down her arm- and the ones no one can see – like heartaches and heartbreaks, hurts and hardships. Zaphia knows she can count on ...

  • #TheyUsedTo

    A short story about empathy, inspiration and strength by

    What is it that moves someone to action? For high-school student Clara Louis, it’s the difference between hearing something and understanding it. Although impressed by her teacher Mrs. Walsh’s words about the importance of believing in oneself and ...

  • Redemption Summer


    School is out for the summer, and with a life-changing ghost hunt and yearlong punishment behind him, fifteen-year-old JB is finally looking forward to the future. With a renewed sense of idealism, he jumps out of bed one morning, envisioning months ...

  • Oh, Monkey


    Oh, Monkey is an introduction to the concept of our inner critic. Written for young adults, this story follows the journey of young girl who grows tired of hearing her monkey chatter in her ear every day, telling her what to do. She sits down and ...

  • Gracie's Wheels


    Gracie's Wheels shares the story of a young girl who lost both her legs in a car accident. Prior to her accident Gracie was naturally athletic. After the accident Gracie was determined to compete again, in her wheelchair. As the story unfolds we ...

  • Some Place Better Than Here


    It’s early summer, and in a small community on the central Jersey Shore, a black car screeches to a halt outside the Wright Bros grocery. Danny looks up from where he’s working at the carwash to see the driver rifle out of the car and chase a girl ...