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  • Damselfly


    Isn’t summer vacation supposed to bring fun and adventure? For Danielle, turning thirteen in three short weeks, this summer would be the last summer of childhood as all things adult loomed with both excited and anxious anticipation. Danielle loves ...

  • Blind and Beautiful


    Have you ever been in the dark and unable to see? You may have felt afraid, lost, or disoriented. Imagine being in complete darkness every day of your life and being expected to function normally. Jeanette is 16 years old and blind. Follow her ...

  • In a Town Without a Name


    Corey’s cell phone rings at 3 a.m. His father is dying. Along with his wife and two children, Corey journeys back to his hometown to say goodbye. Immersed in his childhood home, he journeys even further back in memory to the summer of 1982, when he ...

  • Hope Rises


    To change her future, she’ll have to face her past. It’s 2070, and climate change has ravaged the planet and destroyed national government, leaving cities to their own rule. Born with one arm and left for dead as an infant, Hope Mulder has ...

  • Gracie's Wheels


    Gracie's Wheels shares the story of a young girl who lost both her legs in a car accident. Prior to her accident Gracie was naturally athletic. After the accident Gracie was determined to compete again, in her wheelchair. As the story unfolds we ...