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  • A Whisper of Moonlight


    When a two-hundred-year-old dark Oracle that was sealed away for over a century begins to emerge and threaten the lives of a kingdom, fifteen-year-old Tonne discovers magical powers he didn’t know he had. He must embark on a quest to save his twin ...

  • The Silver Men


    Talia doesn't know how she survived the attack, but when she finds herself amongst a group of strangers, she realizes that she has a million questions. How to survive was always a question, but she needs an answer now more than ever. Without her ...

  • Earth, Long Since Conquered


    In this gripping post-modern thriller, a curious seventeen-year-old named Doug tumbles into an adventure through outer space and into another world, where his senses are treated to a thousand novelties, each teaching him something that strengthens ...

  • The Creosote Spider


    Blood-stained highways weave through the tapestry of a changing world. Water swallows entire towns while the forests take back the land. The human population of earth has diminished to levels unknown. Everything is eerily quiet, so silent that even ...

  • North of the Dead


    In the early hours of a winter morning in Toronto, a cataclysmic epidemic ignites. It begins with a cough, a fever, then unconsciousness, and before long, Canada’s most populous city is overrun with people rising from death with an infectious hunger ...

  • Pantheon


    It’s been ten years since the Great Enhancement, and the world still hasn’t recovered. Superhero tropes from the world before the Enhancement, which Reine, a thief, had never lived in, split their morality into black and white. The metahumans hired ...