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  • Does God Have a Gay Agenda?


    There’s a war raging all around us for the souls of men and women—for the souls of not only a generation, but of an entire community. An entire “nation,” if you will. That nation is the LGBTQ community and its adversary, it’s sad to say, is the ...

  • All About Eden

    The Genesis of Sex by

    It wasn’t Eve’s fault. All About Eden: The Genesis of Sex is an intriguing exploration of the Garden of Eden story from a new perspective: Eve is not responsible for the sin of the world. Detailed reinterpretation of a key Hebrew word in Genesis 1–3 ...

  • Bi

    A Bisexual Man's Transformational Journey by

    On the outside he seemed to have it all: a happy marriage and family life, a successful career as an educational school psychologist, respect in his community, but on the inside he was slowly falling apart: he was gay. After 25 years of living a ...

  • Living on the Edge of the Edge

    Letters to a Younger Colleague by

    There are several divisive issues that separate Christian from Christian in the current century. One issue is the church’s management of clergy sexual abuses of children, teens and adults. A second is the issue of sexual gender orientation and ...