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  • 100 Days of Prayer

    A journey into deeper intimacy with God by

    Prayer is powerful. It is healing, comforting, cleansing, and most of all, it is our direct line of communication with God. If prayer is all these things and more, why is it we so often struggle with it? Maybe we feel we don’t have the time. Maybe ...

  • My Daily Discoverment

    40 Days of Vocational Discernment for Young Adults by

    My Daily Discoverment is a resource for young adults in the Christian tradition who want to explore vocational discernment. Utilizing forty daily reflections from the author, reflection prompts with space to journal, and additional commentary from ...

  • Unlocking your Destiny & Finding Purpose


    Ever wonder why you are here? Or what to do with the talents God has given you? Maybe everyday life has trapped you in your comfort zone and you are dying to know how to actually live a happier, fulfilling life. Sound familiar? Unlocking Your ...

  • God and Green Tea


    In her memoir, God and Green Tea, Canadian minister and former nurse Marilyn-Ann Elphick shares spiritual practices that have helped her flourish in the face of challenges throughout her life. Elphick’s recollections reveal the importance of ...