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  • But of that Day and Hour

    The Olivet Discourse; a prediction of the end of time, or end of the Jewish temple system? by

    This book is written from a fuflilled perspective and a preterist view. The book presents a consistent argument that unifies the Olivet Discourse into one great subject and one great fulfillment. Since Jesus and His apostles were all Hebrews who ...

  • John's Revelation


    John’s Revelation is a novel about two young people who crave earnestly to understand the prophecies in the Bible. They hope that it will reveal what’s in store for us humans on earth. They accept the challenge and the danger that brings in trying ...

  • Searching the Scriptures

    As in Acts 17:11 by

    Is it true that a born-again Christian can never be lost? Do the scriptures teach that we should forgive all sinners? What is the one thing Christians must do to ensure they will not be punished on Judgment Day? Searching the Scriptures as in Acts ...