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  • Organ Orgasms

    My Experiences with Conscious Blood Flow by

    Conscious blood flow (CBF) is about enhancing our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing through the pleasurable and mindful exercising of your body’s internal arteries and organs. This is brought about by becoming attuned to your natural ...

  • Fight Fire with Food

    Cooking for Cancer Prevention by

    This cookbook contains recipes with a focus on foods that help keep our systems healthy and cancer free. As a holistic nutritional counsellor I see what the average North American diet looks like, and it is generally, lacking in healthy whole ...

  • Integrative Medicine for Alzheimer's

    The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan That Prevents Alzheimer's Using Nutritional Lithium by

    A deadly neurological malady characterized by progressive and irreparable shrinking of brain tissue, Alzheimer’s disease causes declines in memory, social abilities, and communication skills that accelerate aging and eventually lead to ...