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  • Science and Logic in Medical Diagnosis

    In Defense of Individual Patients by

    Clinicians and patients know the importance of correct diagnosis for proper treatment. So important – a correct diagnosis – it is the first theme of this book. Several other themes are also important. A second theme is established as “cause and ...

  • No Doctor! You're Wrong.

    I Don't Have... How My Husband Saved My Life When I Was Misdiagnosed Over and Over and Over..... by

    We have been brought up to believe that, when we become sick, we can trust our medical system and (more specifically) our doctors to fix us. It’s their calling and their duty. We hope that when they don’t know or understand what is wrong, they will ...

  • Occlusion: Made as Simple, and as Obvious as "The Balls on a Beagle"

    A layman's guide--and maybe even a dentist's guide--to all anyone needs to know about the diagnosis and treatment of most TMJ and 'BITE' issues by

    This guide is intended to be a positive help and give hope to any of those who suffer from bad 'bites' and joint pain. My goals for this guide are three-fold: First -to help anyone with these problems to better understand what is going on so that ...

  • A Twisted Fate

    My life with Dystonia by

    Brenda Currey Lewis was a typical, active child. But when she was seven years old her life changed dramatically. Generalized dystonia (dystonia musculorum deformans) turned her muscles against her. This rare neurological movement disorder causes ...