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  • Mikey Discovers His Super Power


    Mikey is a boy who worries a lot. He has trouble enjoying life, and spends his days playing games on his tablet and ignoring the world. Eventually, his mom takes away his tablet, and Mikey doesn’t know what to do. He feels bad about himself, and ...

  • Matilda and her Magical Mat

    Yoga for Every body by

    Matilda and Her Magical Mat is a part story book and part instruction book on the miracles of yoga that’s told by way of Matilda, a nine-year-old girl full of wonder and love who seeks not only adventure, but peace and calm. She gets both—and helps ...

  • Shine


    Everyone holds the power within themselves to live in harmony with all other beings; it starts with a breath. Shine introduces a guided meditation practice using the breath, the imagination, and gentle movement to help children realize how they can ...

  • Tommy and Tammy The Firefighting Children

    Save The Environment by

    Tommy and Tammy, the world’s only child firefighters, are back on the job! One morning, as they wash the fire engine and check the equipment, an urgent call suddenly comes through on the fire station speaker: “Respond Haz Mat Truck Five!” An ...

  • It's Not 'Cuz of Me


    When Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) enters a home everyone is affected by it. So often children are left upset, with a lack of understanding and wondering what’s going on. This story is for those children who have PTSD in their family, giving ...

  • Not Just a Toot


    A comical potty training rhyming book that will have the whole family laughing all the way to the toilet! A rootin'-tootin' good time for adults and kids as they laugh and learn. Look inside for some 'heinie hiccup' sound suggestions or create your ...

  • Growing Up Is Hard To Do

    Reflections on your earliest beginnings to your late teenage years by

    Growing Up is Hard to Do, yet there are very few comprehensive “how to” manuals for young people, to help them negotiate and understand what momentous changes occur on the winding road between infancy and adulthood. In this helpful, highly readable ...

  • It's A Big World

    Take it to the top, by giving it all you got by

    This book is about true love and commitment to family values and education. It is about positive changes and making good choices in this big world. It is about social development and how to get started at a very young and innocence age. The aim, ...