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  • Real World Kids

    Thomas - Australia by

    Have you ever wondered about kids living in far-off places? What their lives are like? If they play the same games? If the schools they go to are like yours? In this book, the first in the REAL WORLD KIDS series, you will meet Thomas, a young boy ...

  • Freda's Little Red Huset


    Join Freda as she takes you on a fearless journey of history and discovery growing up in Sweden, in the tiny town of Jamjo. She lived with her family in the Little Red Huset with big wooden doors. Life was tough and demanding. Her family had to ...

  • Echoes from the Farm


    In the early 1970s, when author Dr. Jonathan T. Jefferson (a.k.a. “John-John”) was a young child, his parents did something unprecedented for a working class African American family from Queens: They bought an old, dilapidated farmhouse in Upstate ...

  • Mohawks on the Nile

    Journey of the Warrior Spirit by

    The inclusion of Mohawks and the Nile River in the same sentence seems a bit incongruous. American Indians in general and Mohawks in particular have remained relatively anonymous throughout contemporary American society. Joe Jacobs, whose mother was ...